Wasn’t Thinking About You

Dear Future Husband,

For maybe two or three weeks I didn’t think about you much. I was busy working on some things that had me pretty occupied, like the second edition of my book. But then a friend came into town for work, and stayed over the weekend so we could hangout. We spent a day and a half laughing, analyzing his current relationship, and having deep philosophical conversations about nothing, but everything at the same time. Unfortunately, when he left, so did the peace I had prior to his coming.

Well it’s been four weeks since then, and I’ve since gotten my mind right. Though I won’t lie, the fact that men have been coming out of the woodwork lately has certainly helped. And while it has all been very entertaining I know that none of them are you. But because it has been entertaining, I’ve not been whining to the Father about when you’re going to show up. Actually I’ve spent time praying for you. You know, prayers like, Father, break up the relationship he’s currently in. Make him miserable until he does. LOL. Okay, maybe the prayer hasn’t been that crass, but I have been praying for you. I hope you’re well.

Until next time.


Your Future Wife

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